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Spacewell Workplace Management Solution

Managing an agile work environment can be overwhelming. With workplace management software that enables workflow-based automation it becomes a lot easier and more effective.

Facility Services

Execute work in a timely and effective way with smart workplace management software

  • Centralize requests (incl. sensor alerts) from multiple channels in a single point
  • Create planning boards to efficiently organize all open tasks
  • Assign work to your staff or to subcontractors by drag-and-dropping work orders
  • Log tickets on the go and automate work order creation and dispatch

Maintenance Management

Streamline the scheduling of planned, preventive and corrective maintenance activities and effectively manage workflows

  • Plan, track and optimize your building maintenance and avoid costly downtime
  • Perform reactive and planned maintenance in a timely manner
  • Centrally manage and revise assurance documents to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Ensure building compliance with inspection checklists

Asset Inventory

Create a centralized asset inventory of your building to ensure that all assets are properly documented and monitored over time

  • Keep track of your assets and manage information such as asset value and condition
  • Never run out of stock again by creating automated replenishment purchase orders
  • Manage stock items, stock movements, warehouses, and storage locations

Create office neighborhoods to enable team members to work in close proximity to each other, with easy access to the amenities they need.

Additionally, employees can also make reservations for team members.

Space Management

Manage your space portfolio, gain visibility into actual space usage, and stay on top of the rapidly changing workplace

  • Keep track of inventory at multiple locations
  • Define areas and sub areas per property
  • Assign & maintain space sizes and assign people to spaces
  • Create property contracts

See when your favorite colleagues will be in the office, find where they will be sitting and book a desk near them.

Rather than messaging or running around looking for team members, you can see your coworkers’ desk reservations directly on the floor plan.

Contract Management

Centrally manage supplier data and contracts to reduce risks, control costs, and proactively manage renewals and amendments

  • Get an overview of all contracts with insight into their terms
  • Receive timely notifications when items are nearing their expiration dates
  • Suppliers can access their assigned work orders via a secure, restricted portal
  • Suppliers can digitally monitor and adjust the progress of their work orders in real time to ensure they meet customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Work Order Management

Keep facility operations organized and efficient with streamlined work order management across multiple touchpoints

  • Define work order types with distinct workflows and statuses that enable tracking of their progress
  • Assign the right resources for each task based on skills and availability
  • Monitor performance and service-level agreements (SLAs) with real-time and historical data and dashboards

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