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Workplace Experience App: Live Sensor Data on Digital Floor Plans

Assist employees to navigate the office and find a suitable space with the right amenities and comfort. Either by using our workplace experience app on their own smartphone or through a range of other intuitive touchpoints.

Help employees find spaces, people, and information with a workplace experience app that is always at their fingertips. Employees have the freedom to use their own smartphone, or they can use a range of other intuitive touchpoints. The data is synced across devices in real-time.

The workplace experience app that becomes your personal assistant

Spacewell’s smart Workplace App provides employees with real-time information on a personal device that no one else touches. It helps employees safely navigate a large workplace and spend their day at the office more productively.

  • Find suitable spaces based on real-time data
  • Book rooms and amenities
  • Book & track your service requests
  • Search & locate coworkers

Real-time crowdedness indicator

The workplace experience app provides a real-time crowdedness indicator that allows employees and visitors to avoid busy spaces and reduce the risks of viral transmission.

  • Real-time headcount per zone or individual room
  • AI-based occupancy prediction
  • Suggested floor algorithm based on capacity
  • Search for spaces and people

Access office amenities from the palm of your hand

Take full advantage of the services offered at your facility from the safety of your own phone:

  • Order services like catering – and optionally link it to your meeting for an optimal meeting experience
  • Book equipment like your locker for the day and release it when you check out
  • Manage the available equipment and services and their financial chargebacks


The kiosk is typically located in high-traffic areas:

  • Large touchscreen, ideal for wayfinding
  • Same functionality as the smartphone app

Room Panels using live sensor data

Room Panels are ideal for booking at short notice of places and services:

  • Check in and check out
  • See the room’s availability as indicated by LEDs
  • Book tickets from the display
  • Auto-release vacant rooms
  • Find nearby rooms from any display
  • View the room’s equipment
  • See the room’s comfort and air quality

Remotely control devices and apps

Our workplace apps and devices are highly configurable and remotely controlled. Using remote device control, you can configure every field to be active or inactive on different devices. You can group devices and assign customized profiles to them, including themes and fields.

  • Manage the kiosks and room displays from a single platform
  • Push corporate content to the devices and apps
  • Set fields to be (in)active across different devices
  • Assign customized profiles including themes and layout

Flexible workplace management

Take advantage of the robust reservation & service management backbone of the Spacewell software:

  • Configure and manage any type of space
  • Display which rooms are open for use, along with reduced seating capacity to accommodate social distancing
  • Select which desks can be booked by users
  • Assign neighborhoods specifying where people can sit
  • Manage QR codes for quick space check-ins
  • Manage chargebacks
  • Set confidentiality of meetings
  • Set unavailable hours/days and min/max time of booking ahead

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