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Workplace Reservation System

Empower employees to easily find and book a desk or meeting room that fits their needs in terms of capacity, comfort, equipment, or proximity to colleagues.

A wide range of touchpoints assist different types of users in different situations across the workplace.

Live data from sensors shows space availability in real-time on floor plans and automatically releases empty meeting room bookings.

Integrated hospitality management melds workplace reservations with visitor handling.


Conveniently book spaces and add services, equipment, and visitors all at once. Empower workers through self-service and advanced workflow features for more complex reservations.

Mobile reservation app

More than a mere reservation app, this workplace digital assistant makes it easy to book spaces, collaborate, view live data on floor plans, and locate coworkers.

Web reservation app

A responsive web app for anyone anywhere who needs access to the office environment and book spaces based on real-time (sensor) data.

Outlook and Google sync

Conveniently find and book spaces when making a Google or Outlook appointment and keep all reservations synced across all devices in real time.

Room Display

Ideal for short-notice booking of spaces and services. These beautifully designed touchscreens let users book spaces and show real-time availability as well as indoor air quality with colored LEDs.

Workplace Reservation Kiosk

With its large interactive display, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas. Integrated with the IoT, it shows real-time occupancy on floor plans and enables instant booking of rooms and desks.

Sensor data integration

  • Shows real-time occupancy of meeting rooms and desks
  • Non-intrusive and easily placed across your workspaces
  • Anonymous data capture respects the privacy of individuals
  • Sensor-based protocols cancel “ghost” meetings to increase available spaces

Brain rules

  • Apply brain rules that auto-cancel reservations if meeting rooms or desks stay vacant or don’t conform to comfort parameters.
  • No-show notification: if you’ve booked a meeting room but don’t show up, a reminder email will be sent to you after 15 minutes. You then have 10 extra minutes before the system cancels your meeting room reservation.
  • Comfort level notification: receive a message when the temperature or C02 level in a room reaches a certain threshold.
  • Upcoming meeting reservation: receive a message asking you to confirm an upcoming meeting room reservation. If ignored, the meeting room reservation will be cancelled.

Making hybrid work successful

The shift to hybrid work can complicate workplace scheduling and collaboration. Flexibly manage office capacity and allow employees to book their own shifts with user-friendly office hoteling software. Support your workforce to maximize the value they get from a flexible work environment with real-time information on mobile devices.

Effortlessly manage meetings and services

  • Reliable reservations process through a single, centralized point of reference
  • Full integration with work orders, stock management, and reception services
  • Allocation and charge-back of costs using configurable business rules

Workplace Reservation Management

  • Office capacity setting lets managers set the maximum capacity per building area and assign access to employees. They can also determine how long in advance employees can make an office booking.
  • Employees can make their office booking by simply entering the day and locations of their choice.
  • The workplace reservation system sends employees a confirmation email with access and safety instructions.

Workplace reservation dashboards

  • View live and historical data and statistics around meetings and reservations
  • Analyze trends (occupancy, use of services, KPIs)
  • Predict evolutions (right-size space and services)

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