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Why Touchplan?

Delays are a persistent problem in the construction industry – without proper software for construction planning and with little project certainty. You need to get your project completed— on time the first time.


Delays are a constant problem in construction–you must meet your deadlines.

Everything Keeps Slipping

  • Labor shortages, material availability, and rework cause your schedule to slip
  • Reliable promises are difficult to come by.

Hard to Collaborate

  • Between subs and material suppliers
  • With other stakeholders – owner and architect

No Project Insights

  • Lack of visibility of problems building on the jobsite
  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure
  • Management can’t see cause of delays

Wasted Time… Waiting

  • Jobsite not ready
  • Missed hand-offs
  • Rework

Your alternatives look bleak!

What Are The Alternatives?


100+ Calls by Lunch

  • Taking hours to make dozens of phone calls and texts to coordinate between multiple teams, suppliers, and contractors

Multiple Spreadsheets

  • Hours spent building and communicating Look-Ahead schedules
  • Working in silos to create and adjust specific spreadsheets

Time in the Office

  • Walking back and forth to the trailer to review the plan and make adjustments

The Solution!

Construction Cost Optimized

$        + Bil

Overall Projects


Overall Projects



Touchplan has collaborative pull planning, with weekly work planning, milestone dates and look-aheads.


Digital Pull Planning

  • Transform your spreadsheets to a collaborative plan
  • ALL stakeholders are involved in the process and updated in real time on everyone’s phone, tablet, or computer
  • Project templates and bulk ticket functions make it easy to plan and re-plan

Master Schedule Alignment

  • Align your master schedule easily
  • View your project plans side by side with your master schedule
  • Ensure that milestones are reached and that the project is moving forward

Look-Ahead Planning

  • Create custom Look-Ahead durations instantly
  • Enable team members to accurately sequence tasks, keeping members aligned, accountable, and deliver on time

Real-Time Updates

  • Real-time updates for ALL stakeholders are made easier with Touchplan for mobile
  • Easily view tasks, updates, and the overall plan to stay on track in the field

Variance Reasons

  • Track reasons why a task was not completed on time
  • Help you re-plan and proactively adjust on the fly


Touchplan provides actionable insights to proactively deliver projects faster.


Actionable Insights

  • Review accurate, real-time project metrics down to the field level
  • See problems in advance and make timely decisions to avoid future delays (like Waze with traffic jams)

Dashboard Views

  • View all of your data in a simple visual dashboard
  • Easily understand project status

Top Performers

  • Track promises made vs. promises fulfilled
  • Easily identify which trades/suppliers need attention

Reliable Promising

  • Calculate a reliable promise date for milestone/project completion
  • More accurate forecasting to keep projects on or ahead of schedule

Budget and Time Overrun

  • Track where and how much a project is going over time and budget


Touchplan combines the benefits of pull planning with best-in-class digital collaboration tools – to build better together.


Collaboration Tools

  • Team members can collaboratively edit, view, and develop daily, weekly, and look-ahead plans

Unlimited Users

  • Easy enough for everyone on site to use
  • No per user fee

Mobile Access Anywhere

  • Users can access Touchplan from anywhere on any device
  • Team members can modify, change, and view project details remotely from the field

Team Participation Tracking

  • Display the participation history of team members
  • Help managers understand performance and to drive improvement


Touchplan’s interface “looks like sticky notes,” and is the easiest planning tool to use.



Intuitive Look and Feel

  • Familiar look and feel to planning on a whiteboard with sticky notes to reduce learning curve

No IT Required

  • If you can use your email, you can use Touchplan


  • Enable team members to access projects from anywhere via the Internet

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